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Digital Marketer & Consultant

I help you to achieve your Sales target by generating enquiries via Digital Marketing Activities…

Lead Generation Service

By Pull & Push Marketing Strategy with Paid Campaigning. Best Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by Automated Lead Generation Marketing Funnel.

Maintenance of Marketing Profile

As of Today, Your Customer stays on the Internet so It’s necessary to maintain your Internet Presence & Reputation.

If Your Business comes under

Real Estate Industry


Let’s Take Your


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90 days!

# I am Offering you my Lead Generation Service for your business Growth.

# How do I

Generate Leads

for your Business?

  1. Designing of Website Sales Pages.
  2. Web Traffic Generation by Google Search Ads.
  3. Web Traffic Generation by Google Display Ads.
  4. Web Traffic Generation by Google My Business.
  5. Web Traffic Generation By Local Search Engine.
  6. Web Traffic Generation By Global Search Engine Optimization.
  7. Web traffic Generation by Affiliate Partner Websites.
  8. Web traffic Generation & Re-marketing by Social Media Campaigning. 
  9. Leads by Funnel Marketing Automation.
# Monthly how many leads can I generate for your business?

Monthly Leads are depended on Monthly no of searches and no of users on Google Search Engine.

If Monthly No of unique Google Searches is 1000 within your Targeted geographical area then we can convert up to 10% in lead and up to 2% Final Conversion into a buyer.

# How to find demand of your Services within your targeted Geographical Area?

The demand for your Services within your targeted geographical area can be calculated on the basis of numbers of monthly searches on Google Search Engine.

You can find it on your own in Google Ads Account. It will take 3-4 hours for detail keyword research and finding monthly searches volume trend and upcoming month forecast. (Note: Save your time and get a free report from me.)

# What will be the monthly cost of marketing?

Monthly Cost of Marketing depends on your budget. You can start your Marketing with the budget for just INR 3,000 per month. And if you find it’s worth you can exceed your budget by 10-30% monthly. 

# What will be the cost Per Lead?

Cost Per Lead will be INR 5 to INR 500 it depends on many factors which designed by Google Search Engine Algorithm.

For example, According to Algorithm your cost per lead depends on…

  • How experienced is your Search Engine Marketer?
  • How is your ad quality score?
  • What is your Domain authority?
  • What is Bidding trend (Market Situation)?
  • ETC
# What will be the costumer acquisition cost?

The end goal of marketing is the final conversions of a prospect into a buyer. it’s very important to track Customer Acquisition Cost for better Marketing ROI Calculation.

Customer Acquisition Cost Vary from INR 300 to INR 3000. Its depend on Market Situation and skillset of your Digital Marketer.

About Me

Hello Entrepreneur… I m Vinay Vijay Wankhede from city Nagpur, Maharashtra. Having an Experience in Marketing and Sales Management for 8 years. Marketing is my passion as I feel very excited while doing research on costumer’s psychography, buying behaviour, demography, geography, market scenario, etc.

In the segment of Digital Marketing, I have been working for 2 years as a Freelancer.

I m doing my specialization in leads generation & conversion rate optimization with the help of search engine platforms.

And as of today, I want to create my marketing expertise in the Service Industry.

Contact Me, to get your Free Market Potential Report & Marketing Plan.

# In Market Potential report you will get

information on…

  • List of detail Targeted keywords research report.

  • Yearly and Monthly searches volume trend with upcoming month forecast within your targeted  Geographical Area.

  • How Many leads I can generate for you and what will be the estimated cost of a single lead?

  • You will get a strategic plan for marketing and lead Generation.

Just Connect Me to discuss your Business Goal.


  • Contact no: 726 192 6006

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